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East Lake Community Library is offering a ROBOT learning experience for middle and high school aged boys and girls. Each student is paired with a mentor from the technical fields of programming, engineering and manufacturing processes. There are two levels which should give each student the chance to expand upon earlier experiences and grow in knowledge in the building/programming/operations of ROBOTS. These levels are; Introduction and Advanced. 


1.  INTRODUCTION level consists of the initial exposure to the LEGO MINDSTORM ROBOT education kit and the LEGO NXT-G programming language. The student will be coached in the development of both mechanical and programming functions used with the LEGO MINDSTORM kit.

2.  ADVANCED level consists of expanding the lessons learned in the Intro level and will learn to program with “C” programming language. Also, higher degree of difficulty will be used to enrich the student’s understanding of ROBOT functions and sensors.

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Sessions are available in both morning and evenings. Most sessions last an hour, but may be changed by each mentor for the student’s benefit. Please check library calendar for times and days of the week.

Please contact the library at (727) 773-2665 for further details or for registration.

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