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Instructions for Downloading Overdrive eBooks to Kindle

1) Go to the library's website at http://www.eastlakelibrary.org

2) Click on "Overdrive" on the homepage or click or click on "eBooks" under the "E-Library" link at the top.

3) Click on the picture of a Kindle on the left side of the page. This will bring you to the available books on Overdrive for Kindle. If a book is immediately available (copies are not checked out) click on "Add to Cart." The copy of your book will remain in your cart for 60 minutes to allow you to browse further before checking out. When you choose to check out, Overdrive will ask you for your library barcode #. You will have seven days after checkout to download your book.

***If you own a 2nd generation Kindle, review step 4.  If not, skip step 4 and go to step 5.***

4) To download available books onto your Kindle, plug the USB into your Kindle and computer. Drive "D" will appear, which is the Kindle external storage drive. From that page, click on "Documents" and your book will load onto your Kindle. You WILL NOT know this has happened until you unplug your Kindle from the USB and check the Home Page.

5) If a book is not immediately available and you choose to go on the Waiting List for it, click "Add to Waiting List." You will be asked for your email address and also to confirm the address. If you do not have an Amazon account with that email address, it will have to be registered prior to going on the Waiting List. You will be sent an email when the book is ready for pick-up, using the above instructions. You will have three days to download your book.

6) E-Books on Overdrive show a check-out period of 7 days but this can be changed. Three days before the end of the check-out date, you will receive an email notifying you that the period is about to expire. The book will disappear from your Kindle on the last day.

7) If you order a book in error or are finished reading, and would like to return it to the Overdrive library before the end of the check-out period, go to http://www.amazon.com click on "Kindle" on the let side of the page and then "Manage my Kindle." You will be asked for your email address and password associated with your Amazon account. Your Kindle library, both Overdrive requests and purchased books, will appear. Make sure "Public Library" is shown in yellow print next to the book title or you may erase a book you have purchased. Move your cursor over "Actions" on the right side of the book line and a list of options will pop down. Choose "Return to Library" & click on it. You will be asked if you're sure you want to return the library book & if that is the case, click "Yes." The book selected will be removed from your Kindle and returned to the Overdrive library.

The Amazon and Overdrive partnership is brand-new to the library world and in it's infancy so far. Changes are being made by both on a daily basis and East Lake Community Library's staff is working diligently to keep up with these myriad of updates. Please feel free to ask questions at your library. If we can't answer them, call Amazon's Kindle Support Toll-Free # 1-866-321-8851.

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